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Thursday, July 3, 2008

And more of Wave 10 NOT being canceled

Well we already reported on a Hasbro Consumer Affairs representative telling us that the reason for the delay was inventory based and we also speculated that an inability to keep up with production was the culprit as it was with Hulk Wave 2.

Well, now it looks like Entertainment Earth has put Wave 10 (aka, Wave 9 since they counted 5 and 6 as one wave) back up for order, shipping in October. They're posting the case composition as:

This Wave 9 Revision 1 case includes 12 individually packaged Superhero Squad 2-packs:
1x Spider-Man & Venom
1x Ben Reilly Spider-Man & Carnage
1x Spider-Man & Hobgoblin
3x Spider-Man & Electro
2x Spider-Man & Sentry
2x Captain America & Red Skull
2x Blade & Punisher

Which means people who missed the Spider-Man packs in Wave 8 and 9 (the Psylocke and Carnage waves respectively) have another chance to pick those up. This also means that stores will have to order additional copies of 3 previously released sets to pick up new and long awaited sets like Sentry and Blade.

Still, further proof that the figures are coming and with luck, this inability to keep up with inventory will put to rest the rumors that the line doesn't sell well.

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