Super Hero Squad Rumorbuster

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Action Figure Insider has the first rundown of new Super Hero Squad figures saying their reporter saw:

Black Panther/Storm
Human Torch(clear yellow)/Hulk
Green Goblin/Sandman (comic versions)
Winter Soldier/Crossbones
Rachel Summers Marvel Girl/Classic Cyclops
Mary Jane/Spider-man
Captain America/Falcon
Black Costume Spider-man/Doc Ock
Captain America/Red Skull (with cosmic cube)
Wolverine (brown and tan)/Magneto
Master of Kung Fu/Sentry
Classic Ultron
Weapon X
Ultimate Rhino
"a BIG new Planet Hulk"

Now for the rundown (keeping in mind we don't have the pictures to see what figures are new or old sculpts, and also keeping in mind that some of the pairings are likely wrong... sounds like there's just a bunch of figures placed on a flat space, like usual):

- Nighthawk was mentioned a few times during the NY Comic Con coverage but all we had to go on was reps saying the name.
- Black Panther and Storm have already had figures released. Once we see pictures we'll know if these are new sculpts or just showing off pre-released figures (which is common)
- Kang/Thing is part of the Walmart SKUs for Wave 12 (see here for our big rundown of the Walmart SKUs so far)
- Gargoyle could be part of the SKU for "Defenders" if it's the classic hero and not the Hulk villain.
- No idea if Hulk, Human Torch "clear yellow" or the Thing near Gargoyle are new sculpts yet
- Green Goblin, Sandman, Mary Jane and Spider-Man are most likely the upcoming Spider-Man Saves the Day/City in Crisis Pack, while Captain America, Falcon, Crossbones and Winter Soldier are likely the Winter Soldier Saga pack, both of which have been discussed before.
- Cyclops (by the way Action Figure Insider, seriously, what's up with your description?) and Marvel Girl (whom they're saying is Rachel Grey/Summers/Phoenix II) is another Wave 12 SKU
- Black Costume Spidey/Doc Ock, Pyro, Ultimate Rhino, Wolverine, and Magneto may just be old figures that were put out again but who knows. Unless by Ultimate Rhino, they mean the Rhino that may be "Rhin" from Wave 13
- Captain America/Red Skull and Sentry all appear to be the figures from Wave 10, which was shown on Hasbro Toy Shop then taken down, much to rumors of doom from the internet.
- Shang-Chi a.k.a. Master of Kung Fu looks to be rounding out the Wave 12 SKUs (with the exception of "Insulated SM" and "S" although who can tell with names like that)
- Ultron and Weapon X are Wave 11 SKUs and should come with "SPD" and Mystique respectively.
- and big new Planet Hulk? Who knows.

We'll give you more lowdown once photos start appearing.

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