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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More on the Gamma Lab and potential playsets

And Cool Toy Review also has another July Q&A. The important part (for fans of this site at least):

Cool Toy Review: Will there be any play sets in the future for super hero squad figures. a xmen jet, danger room , avengers mansion, etc. I also wanted to say thanks because my son really like these guys and it is so cool to hear him play with them and hear him talk about all there powers it really brings me back to when i used to collect comics.

Hasbro: Love to hear it! Sharing the whole Marvel Universe with the youngest of fans is the best part of the Squad line. That's why we recently added the bio bursts to the back of every package - so that parents and kids alike could learn about the super powers for each and every figure. For 2008, there's a new Hulk themed gamma playset hitting Toys R Us stores right about now. There will also be a lot of great items coming out for the Squad brand in 2009, but we can't give those details away just yet.

Which doesn't really say much, other than that the Gamma Lab is apparently a Toys R Us exclusive, similar to the upcoming X-Men box set and that it should be hitting soon. Here's hoping that at least some of the great 2009 items will be revealed this weekend.

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