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Friday, July 18, 2008

Questions We Want Answered

After discussing the still-not-released Collector's Pack 2 with a particularly nice reader (as you can see, we're very long-winded here, so we love to talk about anything from current comic books, toys, weather... just not politics. E-mail us wish questions, comments, suggestions, whatever...) a post was born:

Questions That We Hope Get Answered at SDCC!

There's going to be lots of pictures, peeks into the future of Hasbro's Marvel lines, product revelations, and even a Hasbro panel featuring marketing and design staff, and while we can't be there this year we're hoping Super Hero Squad fans are able to dig up answers to the following questions.

1) What happened to the Collector's Pack, and when will it be out?

The "handicapped figures don't sell" theory just doesn't cut it, for the reasons we already talked about, and with August almost upon us we can finally settle whether some guy's friend was truthful when he said it was coming in August as a Wal-Mart Exclusive (we're not big on gambling here, but we'll take the safe bet of "nope, it's not.")

2) Where's Kraven?

He's designed. He's sculpted. We know you guys plan waves out well in advance of release so it might be hard to fit him into an upcoming wave, but we're still waiting.

And we know the question has been asked before, but usually people tag team it with "and where's Vulture and Rogue?" so we still don't know what "plans to source some (but not all) of these" means.

Just straight up, is Kraven coming?

3) And while we're at it, what are the plans for hard to find figures like Rogue and Vulture?

But notice, it's a separate question from "are you guys going to release Kraven?"

4) Can we expect any more single packs?

England received some Spider-Man single packs, and Target had had the Easter-egg packaging impulse singles, so is that something we can expect to see more of in the future? While Target's price point was a little higher than some would have liked (a single figure at $5, while a 2-pack was a little over $6) and having the identical figures still available in two-packs at the same time probably resulted in some lost-sales, could we perhaps see more exclusives (ie, the white-web-shooting-Spidey?

5) What goes into character selection?

In any toy line you're going to have fans asking why Puma and not Prowler? Why Sentry but not Iron Fist? Why Ultimate Giant Man but not regular Giant Man?

Usually the distinction (ie, why one should be made before the other) is the fan's personal preference, but in general, what makes one character more likely to be made into a figure than another? What criteria do you look for? What can fans of any particular character do to help their favorite's chances?

6) Where's our Quinjet? Or Blackbird? Or Danger Room?

So far the playsets (ok... playset) haven't impressed us. Nor has the Spidey-Jeep. But have you considered meeting the comic/collector market half-way by giving them vehicles and playsets familiar to fans of the classics? A Danger Room with both play value and pose value, or an Avengers Mansion that serves double duty as battleground and showcase appeal to both markets!

What other questions do you guys and gals want answered this year??

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