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Friday, July 11, 2008

Poll Results/New Poll Announced

So Captain Britain earns the crown with the last poll!

Captain Britain - 29 votes, 40%
Moon Knight - 18 votes, 25%
Iron Fist - 15 votes, 21%
Hercules - 9 votes, 12%

and a total of 71 votes were cast, which is up over 40% from the 38 votes cast during the poll to guess the identity of "BLK"

Interesting points: Did Captain Britain get a boost as the only X-character? As one of the few remaining unmade (or at least unannounced) Avengers, and given his appearances in both his solo book and in New Avengers, Iron Fist's third place showing is a little disappointing. And finally, Captain Britain manged to beat his nearest competitor by 15%

And now for the new poll, we're going to use the same base rules (characters already covered in "The Case For..." are off limits for the poll, as are characters that already have a figure, or are rumored to be getting figures soon, like Ultron for instance) but while the last poll was strictly for characters that star in their own solo books, this month we're going to look at characters currently starring in team books.

Taskmaster: As one of the latest instructors at Camp Hammond, Taskmaster puts the Initiative recruits through rigorous training,although his past as an assassin trainer has brought him against the Avengers, Spider-Man, the Thing, and Justice, amongst others.

Adam Warlock: current leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy and former leader of the Infinity Watch, Adam has led Earth's heroes in numerous battles throughout the cosmos, in infite wars and crusades. He's visited the Ultraverse, Death's realm, the inside of the Soul Gem and was once headquartered on Mole Man's Monster Island.

Night Thrasher: The latest Night Thrasher carries on his brother's legacy as leader of the New Warriors, currently consisting of mostly de-powered mutants and other outcasts. His motives are mysterious, his plan possibly diabolical, and his means are questionable.

Songbird: Having been one of the most steadfast and long-lasting members of the Thunderbolts (Moonstone spent most of the "New Thunderbolts" period recovering from the fall-out of the Avengers/Thunderbolts mini-series), this former pro-wrestler has been a villain, a villain posing as a hero, a villain actually trying to be a hero, a hero, and several shades inbetween. And in at least one possible future, she joins the Avengers, which isn't bad for a woman that once robbed jewelry stores in pancake make-up.

Same standard disclaimers apply though: The poll does have some glitches that can sometimes allow for multiple voting, so the results aren't perfect. The poll is in no way sanctioned by Hasbro, so Hasbro may or may not pay attention to any results. With a larger sample size, the results become more typical of actual trends. Due to rounding, percentages may not add up to 100%.

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