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Monday, July 21, 2008

Hulk Wave 3 is popping up for Pre-Order

First off, we have Entertainment Earth showing a case of 12 shipping in August having:

2x Grey Hulk & Leader
2x Hulk & Zzzax
4x Red Hulk & Doc Sampson
4x Hulk & SOH

They also have a case revision in September where you'll get:

2x King Hulk & Black Bolt
1x Hulk & Absorbing Man
2x Grey Hulk & Wolverine
1x She-Hulk & Thing
1x Grey Hulk & Leader
1x Hulk & Zzzax
2x Red Hulk & Doc Sampson
2x Hulk & SOH

That means that Hulk and Zzzax, as well as Grey Hulk and Leader are going to be a little harder to find than some of the other characters, especially once the case revisions kick in.

And even Cmdstore has hopped on the pre-orders here

They're also saying that the line is shipping in August and will have:

Grey Hulk & Leader
Red Hulk & Doc Samson
Hulk & Skaar Son Of Hulk
Hulk & Zzzax

and a set of all 4 will cost you $35 plus shipping and handling, or around $10 per 2-pack. Ouch. They're also pre-selling the short-packed figures at $13.00 per pack. No word yet on if they have official word that SOH is really Son of Hulk (even though it's the common, and very likely guess) or if they're just guessing but we'll find out soon enough.

And while we're on the subject of Cmdstore, they've apparently upped the price of the Brawl That Shook the World to $50.00. A whopping $34.00 more than when first reported how odd it was that they were pre-selling a Toys R Us exclusive ($25.00 at TRU's all over) at a heft discount. No word on whether those pre-orders were honored, or if the orders were canceled because of the "mistake."

So there you go, Doc Samson, Zzzax, Red Hulk, the Leader and (quite likely) Skaar to help round out your Hulk collection, or at least add a couple new villains to your own custom Masters of Evil.

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