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Monday, July 21, 2008

More on Marvel Costumes?

As a follow-up to an earlier post where we talked about MSN's report on Marvel Super Hero Squad licensing, we have heard a bit more about the bit that said "Marvel has already secured deals with Hasbro as master toy partner, Disguise/Cesar for dress-up and Mega Bloks for construction toys and continues to seek deals with industry leading partners to develop merchandise based on the unique look of the Marvel Super Hero Squad property."

Comic Book Resources has posted a press release saying that the costumes could premier at San Diego this weekend.

"Come see Black Cat, Emma Frost, Spider-Woman, and more as you've never seen them- on the runway, as Marvel and Disguise transform Comic Con into Fashion Week, if only for an hour. The Fashion Show begins in the Marvel Booth (Booth #2429) Friday at 2:00 and will be followed by a photo-op with the models. For a preview of the costumes, visit this link:

Check out the fashion and find out how you can not only stop villains, but stop everyone in their tracks at this one-of-a-kind event only at San Diego Comic Con!"

The website they link to has an unskippable flash animation and no real information other than what's in the press release. The "disguise" subdirectory doesn't allow file listing, and the main Mallsoft URL is a very generic e-commerce provider site.

Having seen the animation myself, the "costumes" aren't shown in more than passing glances. There's some shots of women painted red and black, some shots of Captain America and Spider-Man (both red costumes and black), and some shots of a woman's dress featuring a Spider-Man logo. The press release seems focused on the "hot" factor and "the debut of the sexiest line of costumes" so who knows what, if anything, they'll be making as part of Marvel's Super Hero Squad licensing endeavors.

It's certainly... uhm... licensed. But stay positive, who knows what the future may hold.

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