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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kitty and Professor X are coming?

Toymania has a second July Q&A up which has this interesting bit of news:

5. Any chance of a Superhero Squad boxset featuring the 90s X-Men Animated characters and designs (Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, Beast, Gambit, Rogue, Jubilee, Jean Grey, Professor X)?

Answer: There will be a cool new boxset coming out late in the Fall (at Toys R Us) that will feature an X-Mansion theme. It isn't specifically 90's, but it does feature Professor X, Kitty with Lockheed and 6 other X-Men faves. You'll get your 1st look at this one at SDCC this week!

Shucks. Looks like the guy who heard from his friend that the Collector's Pack (ie, Kitty and the Professor) would be a Wal-Mart exclusive this August was just mis-informed. Who could have guessed that?

Actually, we'll play fair here. It's possible that the new box-set featuring Professor X and Shadowcat won't be THE Collector's Pack 2, since we were told it has "6 other X-Men faves" (the original Collector's Pack 2 featured 6 X-Men related characters, a chrome Silver Surfer and a Spider-Man), which could mean that Wal-Mart gets the Collector's Pack 2 while Toys R Us gets this. But then wouldn't Q&A Man have said "Professor X and Kitty come in August to Wal-Mart, then in the fall to Toys R Us"? So while we did suggest shenanigans way back in April when that rumor started, and this Q&A certainly lends credence to that theory, we're willing to eat crow if it turns out we were wrong.

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