Super Hero Squad Rumorbuster

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

No Squad in Marvel's October solicitations either.

Continuing to track the lack of a Super Hero Squad comic first mentioned by MSN as dropping this fall, we already discussed September's lack of a SHS comic when those solicitations were released. Now that October's Solicitations are released we can see that nope, still no Super Hero Squad comic title as MSN reported. Now, the original article said launching "Fall 2008" so that means it's possible November's solicitations could have something, or even December's (since winter doesn't begin until December 21) but that's stretching it.

In other comic news, October seems to be all about the secret origins as we continue the trend in Avengers titles to focus on how non-Avengers were kidnapped and replaced by Skrulls (Mighty Avengers 19), get the secret origins of the Hood (New Avengers 46), Captain America (Captain America White 1), House of M Magneto (Civil War: House of M 2), Ghost Riders Ketch and Blaze (Ghost Rider 28, Ghost Rider: Danny Ketch 1), Ms. Marvel (Ms. Marvel 32), possibly Mutant Zero (Avengers: Initiative 18), Jackpot (Secret Invasion: The Amazing Spider-Man 3, Amazing Spider-Man Annual 1), Black Widow (Twelve 8), Eygpt (Thor: Truth of History), Subject X (Astonishing X-Men Ghost Boxes 1), Prof X (X-Men Legacy 217, Wolverine 29 Origins and X-Men Original Sin), and Magneto (X-Men: Magneto Testament 2).

So we'll see you again when the November Solicitations are out and maybe then we'll learn about the Super Hero Squad comic. Of course, MSN has been wrong before (in fact, they were wrong a couple times in the very article that said there was a comic series coming, like when they said there were Super Hero Squad comics already running.)

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