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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Super Hero Squad: The Animated Series

Animated Superheroes is posting a few other pictures from Licensing Expo 2008, including a big poster for the Super Hero Squad products. While I disagree with some of the assertions (latest in a line of toy-based cartoons, unless they're talking about toy-based cartoons in general) but they do bring up some of the points we've been bringing up for a while (like for instance the licensing of most heroes mentioned to be in the series, including Spider-Man who gets mentioned in some press releases but not others as we discussed here and here.)

Worth noting however, is that the promotional materials we've seen so far have all been generically Super Hero Squad and while everyone (ourselves included I suppose) attribute each piece of licensing to the cartoon when they could simply be referring to the licensing efforts for the entire toy line.

They also bring up how Marvel Extreme: Wolverine is not an animated project, something that we haven't really mentioned here since we're more focused on the Squad than on the animated properties. Here is the original debunking of that rumor for those curious.

And just to hammer my point home, the article is further proof that while fans of the toy line think the line is selling poorly and in constant danger of cancellation (see our near monthly The Line Is Doomed! rumors), it's the ones that aren't fans that think, as Animated Superheroes article points out, the line is "has been super popular."

And finally, Captain America and the Invisible Woman riding in a monster truck with various other heroes flying alongside them. Now THAT is marketing.

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