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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

News Clips

Since there's a bunch of little news items floating around on subjects that we don't normally (but have in the past) covered here at Rumorbuster, we thought maybe a brief rundown would be appropriate.

First, According to the next set of Marvel Mini-Mates (nope, still not dead will be Secret Invasion inspired. Phoenix, First Appearance Wolverine, Avengers era Beast and... Jessica Jones a.k.a. Jewel? With spare Skrull heads, and the ability to reveal any of these suspected Skrulls just by rotating their heads.

Then we have Hasbro's press release regarding San Diego, also from There's not much information other than what's already known.

Marvel has their own itinerary for SDCC here with a few good panels like:

Panel Schedule:
WHAT: Marvel: Your Universe Panel
WHEN: 10am – 11am
WHERE: Room 6A
THE 411: Become an integral member of the Marvel Creative Committee as Kevin Feige (President, Studios), Dan Buckley (President, Publishing), Joe Quesada (Editor-In-Chief, Publishing), and Craig Kyle (Senior Vice President, Creative Development, Animation) sit down with you and get your thoughts on all things Marvel. We'll be revealing what is on the horizon with Marvel Studios, Publishing, and Animation and looking for your feedback and insights on what we've done and what we are planning to do. From the day that The House of Ideas was built, Marvel has been your universe and now more than ever we'd like to hear what you have to say about everything from Marvel Cinematic Continuity to our upcoming slate of new animated television series in 2009 to the Skrull infiltration of our world.

and of course "Super Happy Fun Marvel Giveaway Hour" happening throughout the event.

And finally, DC's Infinite Heroes, a G.I. Joe size (3 and 3/4ths inch) line based on the far reaches of the DC Universe) has hit stores. We managed to pick up Captain Marvel, Professor Zoom, Guy Gardner and Adam Strange (in other words, the 4 characters released in the first cases) and have to admit that they're certainly interesting, both in terms of future Marvel play-ability and character selection. When the most name-worthy character of your first wave can't actually use his name as a comic title, you know the line is going to pay off in terms of character selection, but still, it would have been nice to have a bigger gun (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Joker) in the first wave. Still, Captain Marvel does have his own impressive credentials and deserves to be first string. Now that we've seen DC's opening salvo in the 3.75 inch line, it'll be interesting to see if Marvel comes out with a first wave of heavy hitters, or diverse fan faves.

One warning though, prices on DC's Infinite Heroes can vary. Targets have the figures for $4.99. Toys R Us's have them for $6.99. Now, that's a going rate for single G.I.Joe figures at TRU, and we'll probably sound like a curmudgeon for saying this, but we still remember the days when Marvel Legends figures were around that price, so the thought of paying $7 for a figure with half the plastic is a little disappointing.

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