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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Marvel's 3.75 line

We probably should have included this is our earlier post, but Hasbro has been coyly avoiding rumors and news of a 3 and 3/4 inch G.I.Joe style Marvel line as recently as July 2 in this Q&A with Marvelousnews

MN: Will a new Marvel 3 3/4" line debut at SDCC this year?

Hasbro: Three and three what? Currently, we have no news on a 3.75" line.

Or in this July 7 Q&A hosted at Pendragon's Post:
5) What's the official word on the Marvel 3 3/4th inch line?

The official word is no plans for 3-3/4" in 2008.

And now only a few weeks later, when asked the question again in that Cool Toy Review Q&A we linked to earlier they suggest keeping ones eyes peeled on Fury which redirects to a Hasbro sub-site which features a very 616 Nick Fury and a SHIELD logo, with news that the "transmission" begins on 7/25/08, this upcoming Friday.

These, plus the upcoming DC Infinite Heroes mean fans of large scale inter-company battles can finally wage war.

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