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Friday, October 3, 2008

Updated Infinite Heroes Checklist

I just updated the Infinite Heroes checklist to reflect the recent number reveals (thanks to Cool Toy Review's recent reviews of Wildcat, Batwoman, Batman, Star Sapphire, Question and Power Girl, as well as the Superman and Titans 3-packs showing up on eBay. So far: 16 characters in singles, 11 characters in 3-packs for 27 total, and another 18 that have been shown. 4 more are rumored (Nightwing, Scarecrow and Joker were "late additions according to Action, while Batgirl is quite possibly a listing error.

In the meantime, I heard a rumor that Adam Strange, Zoom, Guy Gardner and Shazam are secretly made of gold. Quick... rush out and purchase them, as many as you can, so the shelves will be cleared for the new figures!



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