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Monday, August 11, 2008

Poll Results, New Poll - X-Characters

So the results of the last poll (which character currently starring in a team book would you like as a Super Hero Squad figure) are in. 100 votes, which was roughly 40% more than the previous poll for solo book characters and the results were pretty interesting. Some points I find interesting: Adam Warlock and Taskmaster were neck and neck and they both outperformed Night Thrasher and Songbird. Does that have anything to do with Warlock's upcoming Marvel Legends action figure and Taskmaster already having one. Night Thrasher's highest profile gig lately was dying in Civil War, so it's understandable why even his current role in New Warriors (the ex-X-Men disguised as somewhat similar and interchangeable tech-based heroes version) didn't get him a lot of love.

Songbird is just a little depressing. While the other three characters have suffered from long periods in comic-book limbo (anyone else remember that time Adam Warlock and Gamora realized they were in love and left to raise psuedo-adopted daughter Atleza in another dimension for like 6 years? Yeah, neither do the writers of Guardians of the Galaxy...) she's been a constant member of the Thunderbolts with only minor dips into comic-book limbo between the Thunderbolts Fight Club style make-over and the Avengers/Thunderbolts mini-series, for a little over a decade. Her last place showing may be a combination of being a B-character and also of being a fairly recent development (while Screaming Mimi, her earlier disguise, dates back to the late 70's, Songbird and the Thunderbolts didn't show up until the late 90s, by which time Night Thrasher had already starred in his own mini-series, a short-lived series, although on second thought by today's standard 21 issues is a pretty good showing, and several important issue of the first two volumes of the New Warriors).

Now, for the new poll, the rules are the same: Characters with known Super Hero Squad figures released or rumored don't count, nor do characters that we've already covered in The Case For sections. So far we've done polls for Solo Title Character and Team Book Character, so this month we go with X-Universe character. Although nothing is set in stone, the next poll will likely be either Characters Not Currently Featured in a Book or maybe Characters Created in the 2000's. Who knows?

So previous poll results:

- Adam Warlock 33 (33%)

- Night Thrasher 22 (22%)

- Songbird 15 (15%)

- Taskmaster 30 (30%)

Total Votes: 100

And new poll choices:

Madrox - Always at the periphery of the X-Universe, Madrox has been a member of X-Factor (both the government sanctioned strike-force of the 90s and the modern private investigations firm), Banshee's X-Corp and Xavier's X-Corporation. One of his duplicates even attempted to register X-Factor in his capacity as an agent of SHIELD.

Although he has never been an official X-Man, he has served as one of Moira MacTaggart's Muir Island X-Men with former X-Factor teammate Polaris and current teammate Siryn. In the past, he also worked with Siryn and another current teammate Rictor in X-Corporation's Paris branch. Actually, he worked with Siryn in Fallen Angels as well. With a Kevin Bacon level of mutant connectivity, his teammates have represented every major x-team, he plays well with most characters, and is a friend of a friend of almost everyone. Also, give him decent articulation and watch the army-building commence.

Warpath - Originally a Hellion who blamed the X-Men for his brother Thunderbird's death, he joined X-Force and blamed Emma Frost for a massacre at his reservation. Recently, he joined the newly reformed X-Force, blaming the Purifiers for the death of his friend and teammate Caliban. Although his motives for joining X-Teams tend to be a little repetitive, after over 20 years in the X-Universe, he finally hit the big time by joining the X-Men in the Rise and Fall of the Shi'Ar Empire.

Dazzler - Although her time with the X-Men was brief (from Uncanny X-Men 213, more or less, to Uncanny X-Men 250, once again more or less) her 42 issue series, her appearances in the X-Men Arcade Game and the two X-Men computer games of the late 80's and early 90's, the graphic novel (back when Marvel made original graphic novels, albeit much shorter than what we'd expect nowdays), Beauty and the Beast mini-series (starring Beast, obviously) and notable role in the perenially favorite Phoenix Saga storyline ensure her place in the X-Men pantheon.

Recently returning to the spotlight in New Excalibur, X-Men: Die By the Sword and rumored to be returning to the main X-Men teams, a figure of Dazzler would help round out the X-Men of the 80's line, featuring Magneto, Rogue, Psylocke, the upcoming Marvel Girl and Shadowcat figures and characters like Longshot and Forge who are certainly a longshot (if you'll forgive the pun).

Cannonball - Just as Dazzler is critical to the X-Men of the 80's, Cannonball is important to the X-Men of the 90's. While fellow New Mutants like Magma, Karma, Sunspot and Moonstar never really get the action-figure attention they desrve, Cannonball's membership in the X-Men earns him the occasional figure. Most recently he has served with Rogue's Marauding X-Men and now appears in Young X-Men as a member of what may (or may not) be a new version of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

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