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Monday, August 11, 2008

Customizing Ideas 3 - Lady Octopus

After stealing MikeEvil's Red Hulk, we went with the much more obscure Lady Octopus. Originally calling herself Doctor Octopus, this assistant to the original Doctor Octopus aided in his resurrection by the Hand (who get along and have also resurrected Elektra, Wolverine, and Northstar among others) and for the most part disappeared into Marvel obscurity, reappearing briefly during Nick Fury's Secret War where she helped take on Captain America.

The concept: Wasp + Doctor Octopus's Arms + green paint, yellow paint = Carolyn Trainer, the Lady Octopus. The same warnings apply, the photoshopping is laughably poor, someone with real skill could certainly make a much better version, etc., etc.

And to really make your Lady Octopus stand-out, you can trim the claws to more point-like ends, or use thinner claws, like the Movie Doctor Octopus claws for instance. Using the movie claws will probably require slightly more work to make the figure stand however. Also, instead of merely painting on her gauntlets and legs, a little sculpting material can be used to actually sculpt on costume accessories.

And as a final point, the Wasp figure relies on her wings for balance, so if you simply cut the arms off directly from Doc Ock's back where they're glued on, the final figure will NOT need the legs to be angled as they are in the picture.

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