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Friday, August 8, 2008

News Clips 8/8/08

First off, happy Olympics for those that enjoy them.

Second off, Iron Man on DVD and Blu-Ray September 30? No word yet on when Incredible Hulk might be coming, although people on IMDB are speculating about cut scenes, scenes from the script and novelization that weren't included in the movie, and the possibilities of adding 70 minutes (70? The entire film was only 114!) back to the film, including the possible Captain America cameo.

And speaking of DVDs, TV Shows on DVD has volume 1 from Spectacular Spider-Man coming on September 9. Over on the Marvel Animation Forum there's been discussion about a revelation at Gathering of the Gargoyles that the individual releases are apparently cut differently (scenes that were cut from broadcast put back in, episodes spliced to form a "movie"), and apparently at some conventions details about a spring-break related movie were discussed

Marvel Animation Age talks about the upcoming slate of direct-to-DVD animation releases. Nothing new is announced, but the fact that there were 4 movies in 2 years, followed by 1 in 2008 (Next Avengers in September), 1 in early 2009 (Hulk Vs), and then another 2 all the way in 2010 (Planet Hulk and Thor: Tales of Asgard) is kind of a let down. Imagine if, instead of extended breaks between some movies, Lions Gate could have produced another movie or two? 10 movies over 5 years, instead of 8. A new Marvel title every six months. Possibilities.

And speaking of movies: The Iron Fist Fan Film. Featuring Elektra. Well, it's no Marvel Zombies, but it'll have to do.

Finally, the all-ages story everyone wants to read: Wolverine Babysitter. Shadowcat, Illyana, Siryn and new character Amp have a slumber party filled with secrets and robot-Magnetos.

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