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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wave 11 up for pre-order

Big Bad Toy Store has Wave 11 of the Super Hero Squad (Ronin, Ultron, Mystique, Skrull Soldier, SHIELD Agent) up for pre-order ($30 for the set, another $8 and change for shipping and suggests that the figures are shipping in November.

And interesting to note, this is the first wave since way back when 5 and 6 shipped together to feature a 2-pack where both characters are new. Who knows when the next pack will come out, since the Black Widow wave and upcoming Hulk Wave 3 are all 1 previously released character and 1 new character. The Skrull Soldier, while making perfect sense in terms of Secret Invasion, still came totally out of left field when the SKUs were released back in February. While popular guesses for the set included Winter Soldier, Hydra Soldier and AIM soldier, nobody guessed Skrull Soldier until he was shown at SDCC.

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