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Monday, August 4, 2008

News Clips 8/4/08

Just a few quick news pieces for today:

1) Iron Man Wave 2 (the repaint-heavy wave) has been hitting stores recently but doesn't appear to have hit eBay yet.

2) Marvel's Free Monday is bringing classics like Defenders 1, and modern favorites like Marvel Adventures Avengers 17 to your computer screen for your reading pleasure (although to be honest, the interface/reader does need a little work)

3) Mutant X is going to be arriving in a complete series set according to TV Shows on DVD. For those that don't know/don't remember, Marvel's first X-Factor comic series ended with a cliffhanger explosion that seemingly killed Havok. Naturally, this being comics, he was shunted to an alternate reality where particular events turned out differently resulting in big changes for major heroes. Storm remained a vampire after Dracula's attack, Beast's self-experimentation continued and resulted in a more reptilian body, Elektra became a nanny. You know, little things.

A few years pass and readers are told the title is canceled (last issue: June 2001) but that a new television series entirely unrelated to the comics would be arriving (first episode: October 2001). Mutant X, the TV series, ended up the subject of many years of litigation over how similar the concept was to Marvel's X-Men movie franchise.

One can't help but wonder if the lawsuits over rights issues involved with the X-Men movie, related issues with the ownership of Spider-Man, and the current tangle of rights for characters like Doctor Doom, Venom, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer hasn't made Marvel rethink the agreements they enter into in the future.

Eventually Havok returned to the 616 dimension to be stuck in the infamous Chuck Austen era of X-Men (he returned to the X-Men and quickly agreed to marry Polaris who subsequently went insane at the wedding. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler's father was a mutant devil from another dimension and Angel, armed with a stolen Soulsword, became the first of many winged healers...), Marvel published a few Mutant X comics featuring the television series characters, and the series itself went the way of The Night Man series.

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