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Friday, July 25, 2008

News Clips 7/25/08

A few more news clips from around the internet:

DC Minimates may not be as dead as some predict. DC Direct is apparently thinking box sets

A shot of the Super Hero Squad was shown during the Marvel: Your Universe panel. And nothing more was said about it. If you go to the site, obnoxious overlaid frames promoting the fact that the site you're reading convention coverage on is at the convention will result in browser slow-down. Nothing like treating your readers right. A better run-down is available through ENI here. Both include a bit of the tangle Marvel's movie rights have become. Doctor Doom, Silver Surfer, Wolverine and the Fantastic Four are stuck at Fox, Spider-Man and company are stuck at Sony... which on the plus side means there won't be a New Avengers movie featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, and Spider-Man for a long, long time. There's also a lot of apparent bashing for X-Men Evolution (9021X or 90210 X-Men, depending on what coverage you read), and the Comic Book Resources article has the following quote from Craig Kyle regarding new X-Men series:
"There's sixty mutants, it pays off in four and a half episodes, Dazzler is in it -- Disco Dazzler. It works only one way, the way it is in the comics. My plan is to kick the hell out of that show, don't judge us too soon."

Hopefully there's some miscommunication going on there. I would hate to think that Mr. Kyle is suggesting that you should watch the first 2 hours and 15 minutes of the series before it gets good, or that the entire first month the show is airing will be "getting to the good part", or that the number of mutants isn't going to be a cheap attempt to increase merchandising efforts by having more characters available for toys, and that there's still a chance for actual characterization rather than "find-the-cameo" style chases. But regardless of what he meant to say, we'll still give it a shot. Now, will we give it 4 and a half-episodes worth of a shot? Hopefully there's pay-off well before the second month begins.

After shoe-horning Sentry and Jessica Jones into the Marvel Universe, un-killing Namora and then continuing the living retcon that is the 50's Avengers/Agents of Atlas, Illuminati-ing the Secret Wars stories, and bringing back various Golden Age heroes as the Twelve, Marvel is continuing to complicate their history by introducing The Blue Marvel. Now if only they'll spend multiple consecutive mini-serieses trying to explain why he's supposed to be an important character. On the plus side, this retcon sounds like an interesting story, rather than an attempt to shoe-horn a Superman/Captain Marvel/Hyperion/Supreme character into the mainstream.

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