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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pictures of SDCC's Super Hero Squad

First has this picture of a Super Hero Squad display case featuring lots of classic figures.

Marvelousnews has pictures up of the Super Hero Squad figures being shown in San Diego. Analysis to come, but so far

-"huge planet hulk" is the Ultimate Hulk mega-pack figure
- Ronin is spotted behind Ultron and Pyro
- Weapon X looks to be the Barry Windsor Smith Wolverine Weapon X
- Mystique is shown in the distance of the photo featuring Stealth Iron Man, Wolverine, blond guy with a gun (SHIELD Agent maybe... he looks like the Nick Fury figure seen in another photo? We'll find out soon)
- There's a side angle of the Rhino/Pyro shot showing Mystique again, Spider-Man in clear red symbiote, Ultron, 616 Nick Fury, and the blond SHIELD agent (maybe Clay Quartermain?)
- That looks like Collector's Pack 1 Human Torch (translucent yellow), along with the Gamma Lab which has what looks like a TRU exclusive sticker, and a guy in a red flame-design skirt (Mandarin?)
- Yes the Mandarin. Also Dreadknight and Iron Monger, both in the same photo as the boxed Doc Samson figure and the assorted Iron Man repaints and new-dos (dark grey First Appearance armor, Stealth Armor, the upcoming Crimson Dynamo Attacks/Desert Face Off figures)
- A new version of the Silver FA armor Iron Man in the middle of a bunch of older figures and the Wave 10 Figures, plus, is that a movie-style Iron Man-type armor?
- Ah! Translucent Yellow Johnny Storm (repaint from Wave 5/6), along with long-time Defender Gargoyle, a new Thing, Shocker and apparently that red and blue abomination is the "Insulated Spider-Man." The Rachel/Marvel Girl is seen off to the side.
- Black Panther and Storm are repaints, Nighthawk and Kang are new. Are we looking at the New Fantastic Four (Black Panther, Storm, Thing, clear Human Torch? Or Kang? Hopefully more news will be coming) and Defender packs (Gargoyle, Hulk, Nightwing?)
- Skipping ahead a couple photos, we get a clear shot of Marvel Girl and the Classic Cyclops from the Dark Phoenix era
- A Skrull! Could Nick Fury, Skrull, and Shield Agent be part of the Alien Invasion set?
- Shang Chi can be seen in the picture with Mandarin, brown/grey Captain America (is that supposed to look like his new costume? His Ultimate costume?), and Sentry
- Sentry, Planet Hulk, Venom and Hulkbuster Iron Man going against Mystique, Nick Fury, Shield Agent and Skrull?

And that's what we've seen. What have you seen?

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