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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hulk Wave 3

Rick and Alex wrote to point out the $61 price tag that a Vulture set recently went for and also to point out some of Hulk Wave 3 hitting eBay. While our semi-official policy here is to not link to currently ongoing eBay auctions, many of you have probably already seen them for yourself.

Entertainment Earth still has complete cases of the figures scheduled to ship in August (this month) for $80.00 so we should be seeing more of them at retail soon!

One interesting thing though: The pictures (both for eBay and of the packaged figure from SDCC) show a Green Hulk, and not the Red Hulk that both Entertainment Earth and Cmdstore list. Whether this is a last minute change or whether we'll be seeing Red Hulks in later assortments, who knows, but at least these early packs appear to be green Hulks.

While we wish we had prizes to give out for news submissions, hopefully Rick and Alex can settle with a no-prize (no official relation to the Official Marvel Universe No Prize, tm Marvel Entertainment Inc.)

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