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Saturday, August 2, 2008

The New Iron Man box-sets!

Marvelousnews has hi-res shots of the new Iron Man Super Hero Squad figures that were seen at SDCC (Dreadknight, Iron Monger, et al.) Apparently they're going as 2 more 4-packs. So go and enjoy, but be warned they don't have a release date posted yet!

Who's in what? Well, we can't quite see the top of the box, but it looks like "Iron Monger Attacks" is the name of the set with "1st Appearance Iron Man" (Movie), Iron Monger, War Machine, and Iron Man (Movie), while the set called "The Danger of Dreadknight" (again, can't see the top of the box that well), has Iron Man, Stealth Armor Iron Man, Dreadknight and "Zhang Tong" (the name the Mandarin used back in the Heart of Darkness storyline.)

Edit: Just changed "___________" to "Danger" because that's what the photos are apparently named as.

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