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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Newsclips 7/29/08

Just realized that we were a day off yesterday... apparently we lost track of time.

First, that Hasbro Sketchbook we told you about a little while ago is hitting eBay with prices varying. For a look at some of the artwork include, check this auction. Shots of Snake Eyes, Darth Vader, Ultimate Thor, and some Transformers will probably make you place a bid at one of the many auctions going on. Apparently some of the designers even did sketches and signatures, as seen by the Logan Lubera Daredevil in this auction. Be warned though, apparently the mark-up is crazy. Allspark is reporting that at the convention itself it was only $10.00.

Hasbro Sketchbook Volume 1 (2008) (Approximate Retail Price: $9.99)
The Hasbro Design Team has assembled an 80-page bound inaugural sketchbook, featuring art from the designer's personal sketchbooks and straight from the drawing boards. This sketchbook will only be available at Comic-Con 2008. Supplies are limited.

Marvelousnews has shots of the upcoming Minimates figures. Nope, still not dead.



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