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Monday, July 28, 2008

X:Men Origins Wolverine trailer

Slashdot is home to a big discourse over the leaked X-Men Origins: Wolverine trailer with footage taken at SDCC. If you want to skip the questionable analysis of comic books going on at Slashdot's front page, go right to the trailer.

Or you can read the interesting theories (Wolverine made Rob Liefeld popular? Who should have played Wolverine? Is this all a big PR stunt/leak by Marvel to promote the movie in a viral video style?) which are just as fun as the trailer.

Still, the cast/character list for this movie according to IMDB suggests that we'll be seeing movie versions of Wolverine, Deadpool, Gambit, Sabretooth, Agent Zero/Maverick, the Blob and Beak. That alone would make an interesting wave of Super Hero Squad figures, but would it also open the door to months of "where's our comic book accurate version of Beak?")

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