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Friday, July 25, 2008

From the Hasbro Panel

Marvelous News is covering the Hasbro Panel. Most important:

Super Squad will have several more releases. There are 110 different figures so far. Captain America, Black Widow, Rhino, Tombstone, Astonishing Beast and Avalanche will be coming. There are some TRU exclusive packs coming.

So can we assume that BLK is Black Widow? Rhin is Rhino?


Superhero Squad Spider-Man/Kraven did not ship. There have been a lot of requests for a release of that but there are no present plans. Hasbro is dedicated to the Squad.

And then there's lots of talk about the 3 3/4 line, explanation of Fury Files, pictures and all that

Edit: So they updated their picture gallery to include slides of the upcoming SHS packs, including the one with Black Widow/Captain America (apparently the brown/blue/white repaint we saw in the pictures), Astonishing X-Men costume Beast/Avalanche, Spider-Man (a repaint according to the slide, apparently the wall crawling one we've seen repainted a few times already)/Tombstone, Spider-Armor Spider-Man/Rhino (616).

That keeps true to the 2 Spider-Men, 2 other re-sculpts, 4 new characters (616 Rhino, Avalanche, Black Widow, Tombstone) trend.

And if the slides are wave specific (they look to follow the leaked Walmart SKUs pretty closely,) then Agent/Soldier is apparently a Skrull soldier and Nick Fury, although Nick Fury's body was also seen used for a generic SHIELD agent, so who knows what came first. Maybe it's the first real chase/variant figure (half Nick Fury, half SHIELD agents, or maybe it's just a change in plans, the way that the Carnage/Ben Reilly pack originally called for Ben Reilly/Spider-Man.)

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