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Friday, July 25, 2008

Fury Files/Marvel Universe

While is down, there's still the following links available:

Iron Man
Silver Surfer

With more coming soon, as you can see at the SHIELD site while the video can be seen here

And Cool Toy Review has posted their shots of the Marvel Universe 3 and 3/4 inch (and more) toy previews. One of the best is this diorama

And from their coverage of the panel:
Q: How many Marvel Universe figures will there be?
A: 35 figures planned for 2009, possibly more. Maybe vehicles down the road.

Now, they showed pictures of roughly 25 figures during the slideshow, more if you count the Spider-Man/Iron Man/Human Torch/Ms. Marvel variants as separate characters, so that means we've seen a good chunk of the line for 2009 (and these things are planned out well in advance) unless response is strong enough to start a rush to fill the demand.

They're definitely going with the heavy hitters for this line, although they're a little X-Men light, and the women are woefully under-represented, but if they only produce 35 figures during 2009, while DC's Infinite Heroes should have roughly 45 out before 2009 even starts (ie, for that critical holiday shopping season) will that headstart make Marvel want to amp things up? 2009 is going to be fun, but expensive.

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