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Monday, July 28, 2008

News Clips for 7/27/08

Chicago Tribune has this gallery of some of the costumes seen this past weekend at SDCC.

Mattel's new Collector's Store launched today. If you were like me and waited for the site to open so you could get your King Greyskull, you would haven noticed there was some technical difficulty, but as of right now, everything but Lightning McQueen is still available.

The Fables Panel featured lots of insight into upcoming storylines, a Cinderella mini-series, a Jack/Fables cross-over, and a potential movie. Meanwhile, the upcoming Cloak and Dagger series (I didn't catch whether it's a mini or an ongoing) seems to be the thing everyone is talking about, but it's the return of Milestone that they SHOULD be talking about.

And finally, fans were able to see one half of Marvel's upcoming straight to DVD Hulk Vs., and apparently were treated to guest appearances by Lady Deathstrike, Deadpool, Omega Red and Sabretooth. Now that does sound like a fun Hulk/Wolverine battle.

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