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Friday, August 1, 2008

Hi-Res shots of Marvel Universe figures

Marvelousnews has some hi-res shots of the upcoming Marvel Universe 3 and 3/4" figures and they just keep looking better. These shots give some up-close detail of the articulation these figures have (chest pivots, ankle pivots, segmented kneecaps, pivoting leg/thighs) and hopefully give Mattel some ideas for the next generation of Infinite Heroes.

Speaking of Infinite Heroes, however, "Captain Toy" has a review of the first Infinite Heroes 3-packs. We don't necessarily agree with all his points (for instance, the grasping hand packaging which is actually a tie to the Infinite Crisis storyline with the giant hands rending apart the universe, and although design is in the eye of the beholder, we think the hand element makes the single packs stick out quite nicely from other similar toys. We also think that with the exception of Commissioner Gordon's slightly enlarged "paws" the hands are generally reasonable. Then again, we like the Super Hero Squad which is all about big hands. Your mileage varies...) he really sums up the highs and lows of the initial offerings.

The good? Solid toys, for the most part well sculpted, proportionate with other similar sized figures.

The bad? Certain oversights (the t-hips in particular) make posing possible only in limited situations. For instance, the Flash can't "run" because the butt-stop prevents proper extension. The characters can't "fight" because while they can turn at the waist, the legs won't pivot to allow standing in most positions that aren't straight standing. Compare that with Silver Surfer and you'll see what we mean.

He also mentions the lack of heavy hitters in the first round, and it's a valid point. If you want a Batman, you buy a movie Batman from the Dark Knight line. Superman is coming, but in a later box-set. Flash is the only Justice League representative. By the holiday season, however, the big names like Hal Jordan, Green Arrow, Hawkman and Superman should be available, with other big "names" like Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Robin held back so there isn't a "dry spell."

And finally on the Infinite Heroes front, Atom and Black Hand have started hitting eBay, so they'll hopefully be in stores soon.

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