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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hulk Wave 3 coming to Hasbro

No telling when they'll be up, but Hasbro (the main site, not Hasbro Toy Shop) has started listing the current Hulk Wave 3 Super Hero Squad figures, or at least the Hulk/Leader pack and the Zzzax pack.

Grey Hulk and Leader

Hulk and Zzzax

Hulk and Doc Samson

Hulk and Skaar, Son of Hulk.

And in other corners of the internet, Lying in the Gutters is having a little fun with how Hasbro US has blacklisted Pat Lee (stemming from problems related to the failure of Dreamwave, a company that used to produce Transformers comic books), while Hasbro Hong Kong Limited has his name all over some August 1, 2008 Commemorative Box Set certificates.

And finally, there are new Hulks (the big ones seen at movie theatres in preparation of the Incredible Hulk movie) up for auction. Marvel has a complete list of the auctions still ongoing.

Edit: Just finished putting up the links to Samson and Skaar packs.

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