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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Customizing Ideas 2

Since we had some positive response to Miss Sinister we figured what they hey, lets throw another one up. And you'll note that just like Miss Sinister, the photoshopping is poor, the changes are mostly in color, the results amateurish, but for those with talent or at least a little creativity, it's a fun exercise.

This figure came about as a result of the disappointment that Red Hulk is apparently not going to be in the new Hulk wave (at least not from the pictures that have turned up online. Although Red Hulk's comic book reception has been lukewarm, he's every bit as notable a continuity development as Grey Hulk/Mr. Fixit or any of the many, many mutates.

The suggested recipe: One of the many Wave 1 Hulks that are out there (from the packs which are still on some store shelves, to the Toys R Us Avengers 5-packs that were clearanced to $3 a few months back, to the Easter Packs, but really, you can probably make due with most other Hulk figures) + some dark red paint, some black paint = Red Hulk

Now, as we have said previously, the really bad photoshopping is for illustrative purposes. To improve on your results, try using some sculpting material to give him hair spikes or some bulging veins. Or you can wait for a possible 4th wave. Your mileage varies.

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