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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Customizing Ideas

In the past we've suggested customizing ideas even though we lack the time (as can be seen by the half-converted Captain America to Red Guardian that has been sitting in the closet since he was covered in primer) to actually produce the customs, but inspired by Toycutter, specifically this post we thought it would be interesting to post customizing ideas for Super Hero Squad figures (and whatever else may strike our fancy). We will also be poorly photoshopping our suggestions. Attempt at your own risk!

First up: Miss Sinister! The (likely) clone of Mr. Sinister recently uncovered in X-Men Legacy, she does not appear to know much of her past, and neither does the reader, but Sebastian Shaw has plans for her. After rejecting an offer to be the new Black Queen of the Hellfire Club (how come nobody gives Selene any respect?) she dubs herself Miss Sinister, and follows the long, proud trend of female versions of male characters (from Spider-Woman and She-Hulk, to today's Lady Bullseye, Scorpion, Tarantula and White Tiger).

Emma Frost
+ black paint, white paint, red paint, clipped cape
= Miss Sinister!

And to make the figure that much more convincing, Miss Frost needs a bit of a haircut, a little Apoxy to make the hair fall over her shoulder, and of course, the fine details like Miss Sinister's earrings.

We've got other similar ideas, and plenty of bad photoshopping, so if you try this, be sure to let us see your results.

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