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Monday, August 11, 2008

Customizing Ideas 4 - Golden Age Vision

Since it's been a slow newsday, what the hey, lets throw up another customizing idea. This time the victim is a golden age hero who, like the Flash and Green Lantern before him had his name and look stolen while having his origin thrown out... the golden age Vision.

As an alien cop, he fought crime and Nazis on Earth, and during recent retcons he's become an ally of the Invaders. Powers are a hodgepodge of mind-control, strength, flight, and transportation through smoke. Most recently, he appeared in Avengers/Invaders 4 as Doctor Strange and Echo/Ronin sought possible clues to the Invaders' appearance in modern-day New York City. And while his origin keeps getting more and more complicated, this resident of the Dimension of Smoke also gets redesigned every time he appears. Examples of his various color schemes are seen here, here, and here. This suggestion is based on his Avengers/Invaders look though.

The recipe: Vision (From the Avengers 4-pack, naturally), plus paint. Having seen his previous versions, you can make do with everything from yellow, black, blue, white, green, red. Just pick and choose which scheme you like. And a little bit of some sculpting material to finish off the gauntlets, which usually come to a point. Once finished, you're just a Spitfire, Union Jack, Whizzer, Miss America, Toro, Bucky, Jack Frost, Sun Girl (and about a dozen other golden age heroes) short of being able act out scenes from Roy Thomas's classic Invaders series.

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