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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Marvel's new super-deformed 2 inch line?

Arriving in stores tomorrow should be Toyfare 134 with the Four Horseman's new Skeletor sculpt debuting. Also featuring?

a peek into the sketchbook of Japanese artist Yu-Pon, who's designing spirally-eyed, super-cute interpretations of Marvel superheroes and Indiana Jones characters for Kotobukiya! We'll see her original artwork, plus character designs no one else has seen, as well as having an in-depth interview!

Super Hero Times had a rundown of some of the things Kotobukiya was putting out with their Marvel license. Here's what they had to say about the "super-deformed" mini-figures:

The first wave of one-coin mini figures, based on the designs of Japanese artist, Yupon, is set to debut this fall, and fans were given the first wave’s 6 “known” characters: Dr. Doom, AIM Agent, Phoenix, Thing, Spider-man, and Nick Fury. 2 mystery characters will also be included with each wave. The figures will be blind-boxed, but the countertop display assortments will include all 8 figures and an additional army builder Unit (AIM Agent, in the first wave’s case) per display, ensuring that all characters have relatively equal availability to fans. was the site that said they would be roughly 2-inches way back in February.

Chile Juguetes features a flyer promoting the upcoming toys and suggesting that the one-coin figures will cover both Marvel Universe proper and it's "movieverse" in "SD/Super Deformed" style.

Poking around tis thread on SG Collect shos you some of the ridiculously high quality sculpts on the statues that Kotobukiya is putting out, but alas, still no pictures of the 2-inch super deformed line, so Toyfare may actually be the earliest shots.

For more examples of Yupon's One Coin mini-figures however, you can check out Kid Nemo with their listing of Lamento: Beyond the Void One Coin Figures.

And off-topic, surfing around Kid Nemo is where I also found this wacky, and certainly stylized Green Goblin and Spider-Man PVC set made by Plex.

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