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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hulk Wave 3, part deux

It looks like Hasbro is still tinkering with putting up Hulk Wave 3. Case in point? This listing for the Leader. This time they have pictures, at least of the Leader's pack, which is better than their previous attempt to put the figures up. On the down side, "fists ready to fly and Leader Villain figure"... come on! Oh, and there's a price tag of almost $17.

The Incredible Hulk teams up with the mightiest Marvel Super Heroes to battle the villains and save the day. Build your team and join in the battle with the Marvel Super Hero Squad!

Mini but mighty, this two-pack of figures includes the Gray Hulk figure with fists ready to fly and Leader Villain figure, ready to spring into action!
Item #: 78460
Approx. Retail: $ 16.99
Ages: 3 & Up"

So here's hoping the official listings will get put up soon. We're looking forward to this chance to bring on the bad guys.

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