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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Infinite Heroes 2009

The Fwoosh has a great interview with Scott Neitlich where they discuss some of the upcoming Infinite Heroes changes for 2009 and it seems like people dissatisfied with the current offerings will be happy with what comes next.

Highlights of the interview:

- From 8 points of articulation to 11+, including ball joints to the elbows and knees, wrist and ankle joints, and possibly ball joints in the hips? (Note: The flat feet and t-hips were our big complaint. They can be posed, but only in standing and, if you have a seat nearby, sitting.)

- They're looking into "vehicles, play sets, the whole thing." If they're looking for advice from us, and they're not, let us be the first to say: Be sure to scratch-guard the Invisible Jet.

- The Crisis theme runs from 2008 through 2009, with 2010 starting a new direction.

- Once again, hold onto the Anti-Monitor points for SDCC 2009, which they say will be the peak of the line.

- 2010 is already in planning, 2009 is already in tooling and sculpting.

- The line is being coordinated with DC Direct and DC in general so that characters with upcoming "moments" get figures, while DC Direct and DCUC aren't over-lapping characters.

- The first 40 characters were sculpted by a single team, but "if the fans really pay attention to the sculpting in 2008 and '09, they might be able to find out just who designed the characters"

So go read the interview! There's good points (upcoming articulation, even better sculpts, vehicles, close coordination with the comics (something the comics themselves can't even do! Death of the New Gods/Infinite Crisis we're looking at you!) and bad points, but it gives you lots to look forward to in 2009.

Side issue, and just as a note to anyone making anything: suggesting that the first 40 or so pieces produced, at about $5 a piece, are just a warm-up that they need to stick it out with is a dangerous marketing strategy. Is that a threat? That if we don't buy the initial offerings, with whatever problems they bring, we won't get the good figures? Or that we can pass on these figures and wait for better ones? While some big names like Superman and Batman are likely to get re-sculpts with the "better" articulation and such, do we get the "privilege" of re-buying mid-to-low level characters in better formats later on?

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