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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Custom Ideas 5 - Red Raven

Continuing our series of poor-man's customs, and also our interest in the Marvel Universe's more obscure characters, we present, Red Raven. Like always, the photoshopping is offensively bad, but it's enough to get the idea across.

For those not in the know, Red Raven is one of Marvel's oft-forgotten Golden Age characters, and that means... yup... a convoluted origin that gets worse every time a writer decides they like the design and want to make use of the character. Let's see if we can sum it up: Inhumans with wings broke off from Attilan and eventually encountered a young human, the man that would become the Red Raven, and raised him. Seeing the despair and problems of World War II he joined the Liberty Legion. Eventually, some of his people wanted to conquer the world while it was still reeling from World War II, Red Raven stopped them, but soon enough, a robot double placed everyone into suspended animation. The robot Red Raven encountered the "modern" Marvel U, only to die in battle with Namor. Of course, soon enough Red Raven's artificially created daughter and the Avian (the bird-race that found Red Raven) creation Bi-Beast had their own interactions with the Marvel Universe. Eventually, it's discovered that the Avian race didn't die from the suspended animation, they're awakened, and everyone goes to live in the floating city Aerie where they only periodically waged war against mankind and were conquered by the Defenders who used the Aerie as their base when acting as the Order. Corrections and additions are welcome. With his 70th anniversary coming in 2010, maybe Marvel can try a Red Raven: Rebirth story to simplify and pretty-up his backstory.

Concept: Angel, plus red paint, and possibly some minor sculpting depending on which look you prefer. Classic hairnet style requires giving Warren a haircut and using sculpting material to round off the head and add the ear-bulges. If you're going to go with the full-face version, you would be better off grabbing a head from a Punisher or the Spider-Man figure where Peter is showing his face and be-head Warren altogether. Once finished, you're that much closer to a Golden Age Super Hero Squad.

And just as a reminder, this isn't a real custom, but rather a custom suggestion... I barely have enough SHS to satisfy my addictions, let alone extras to ruin with my shoddy painting. If you take on a custom suggestion like this one, or any of the others, be sure to show it off and let us know so we can appreciate some real skills.

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