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Monday, August 25, 2008

Hulk Wave 3, FINALLY for order on HTS

Hulk Wave 3 is offiicially up for order on Hasbro Toy Shop.

Not sure if there are many other coupon codes out there, but SPRREQ8 still gets you 10% off (meaning if you purchase all 4 sets, 5.99 a set, $6.97 for shipping, your total after the coupon is only $30.79.)

So go, show the Hulk your love!

Also worth noting is that the figures are (according to their site) in stock for quick shipping. I wonder if HTS has done much market research into what's a better strategy:

1) allowing pre-orders for accurate order information but running the risk that when figures are found earlier, the pre-orders are canceled, or that in the event of a delay people (like us) are bugging them for answers or

2) Waiting until figures are in stock and ready to go before allowing orders, while running the risk that buyers are going to go elsewhere (Big Bad Toy Store, Entertainment Earth) to make sure they get the figures.

And in an unrelated note, anyone have any solutions for the army of Hulks many of us have collected?

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