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Friday, August 22, 2008

Hulk Wave 3 in the wild

Seantified just let us know that Hulk Wave 3 is hitting retail, specifically the Toys R Us at Walnut hill and 75 in Dallas Texas. Along with Wave 3, they've re-stocked on the Sand Pit Stand Off set. He also noted that of 6 Zzzax's, they were all transparent. Has anyone seen an opaque Zzzax like the one shown in pictures at SDCC, or was that just an early production model, like the way Thor and Ares had different paint jobs when they were first shown?

And finally, he was able to confirm that Skaar and Leader were shortpacked (2 per case, confirming Entertainment Earth's pre-order listing). If Entertainment Earth is right about the first case revision for Wave 3, Leader's going to get even harder to find when he moves to 1 per case, but on the plus side, they're going to be shipping Wave 2 figures in that case revision so there's still a chance for those that haven't got She-Hulk yet.

As you guys know, we don't have anything real to give in exchange for news, photos and interesting chat, but we have plenty of Non-Marvel Unofficial No-Prizes to hand out, and Seantified gets one!

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