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Friday, August 22, 2008

Wave 10 Pre-Order

Since we were using the Wave numbering from Wikipedia as our numbering system, and since someone decided to change it to make Wave 5 and 6 one big wave, which, retroactively, everyone decided they were, we're going to continue following Wikipedia, and as such, the Mystique wave is now going to be the Wave 10 wave, and we'll refer to Sentry's Wave as 9.

With that preamble out of the way, Big Bad Toy Store's pre-order for Wave 10, shipping in November, now has photos of the figures up. While their listing still says SHIELD Agent, their picture is clearly Nick Fury. Chase? Variant? Accurate, yet not totally, product listing wherein Nick Fury, who is a SHIELD agent, is listed as SHIELD Agent, instead of Nick Fury, possibly to avoid confusion with the previously released Ultimate Nick Fury, who happens to be the Nick Fury they've shown in promotional artwork for the upcoming animated series? Incorrect picture where they were sent a file of hi-res promo shots and picked Nick Fury out to be the SHIELD agent?

Who knows, but we're still going to love that wave!

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