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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Custom IH Guy Gardner

We were just talking about custom Infinite Heroes a few days ago and Spy Magician of Action Figure Insider went one lateral with a custom kit-bash of Guy Gardner, using a Jakks wrestler body to give Guy some articulation.

He goes on to mention a few complaints we share about the recent Fwoosh interview where Mattel said that 2009 was going to see improvements to the line in terms of articulation and sculpt. There's some healthy discussion going on in the comments, with POV's ranging from perfect-as-is to comparisons with Happy Meals and accusations that the line was poorly handled. While "Happy Meal figures" is a bit extreme and some of the criticisms are valid (yes, the GCPD set only comes with two guns and two nightsticks for three characters. Who says Commissioner Gordon can't use one of the guns while one of the SWAT team uses a nightstick instead of a gun, or vice versa? And yes, lanterns for the Green Lanterns are kind of common sense, but in honesty, the lanterns are rarely seen in action or in the battlefield so it's forgivable that Guy doesn't have one) the line does show promise and a few posters did bring up other popular lines with minimal articulation (DC Animated) and rocky starts (Marvel Legends, the early Toy Biz figures.

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