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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Checklists are updated

After way too long the Super Hero Squad checklists have been updated. We've been meaning to update them for a while, but because of the recent wackiness with Hasbro (Red Hulk being listed, Green Hulk being shipped. Nick Fury being shown on the slides at SDCC 2008, while blond SHIELD Agent is listed in Big Bad Toy Store's pre-orders, so on) we considered waiting. The problem with that, is that there's always going to be something new so we'd always find a new reason to postpone it.

For those that are unfamiliar with our checklists, we maintain two separate lists: One is for the "set collectors" which breaks down the offerings by wave, and includes things like playsets and vehicles. The other is for collectors who don't care much for repaints, repacks and resculpts, and just lists which characters are released (counting mainstream comic book, Ultimate, and Movie versions separately).

With characters going up to the slides shown at San Diego, we have 137 characters present and accounted for, which is pretty good for a line soon to be celebrating its second major Christmas. Can the line keep up this pace of almost 70 characters a year? Assuming Hasbro keeps the line going through to December 31, 2011 (the expiration date of the Hasbro/Marvel contract, assuming the extension option for Spider-Man 4 isn't exercised) 70 characters a year would mean 210 additional characters, almost 350 different characters total. Granted, that depends on a lot of maybes (maybe the line continues selling, maybe Hasbro continues developing both fan-favorite back-catalog characters and current properties) but half a toy-line's fun is its potential, right?

Speaking of milestones, we're almost at 200 posts here at Rumorbuster in a few days short of 5 full months. While we didn't start using analytics until after the site started, 2313 people have visited more than 9 times, and almost 500 people have visited over 101 times. I know that's nothing compared to a big site, but we're still happy to know at least a few people find some use from this project. Big thank yous to all you regular visitors, and especially everyone that's sent in comments, questions or suggestions.

Edit: And we just updated the index too, but since it was only a small update, no sense posting separately to talk about it, right?

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