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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Gamma Lab coming soon to Hasbro Toy Shop?

Hasbro Toy Shop has posted this little ditty for the Gamma Lab

Price: $29.99, Availability: Coming Soon, Ages: 3 & Up, Item #: 78565

Take this store-and-go portable playset along for all of your Super Hero Squad adventures. “Blast” open the Gamma Lab door and catch super villains on the spinning ledge trap! Spider-Man can speed to the scene of a crime on his spider-swinging webline or in his crime-busting spider car! With lots of other movable features, you can create a whole new action scene every time you play. Pack everything up inside and you’re ready for a rescue anytime, anywhere.

Playset comes with vehicle and Spider-Man and Hulk figures.

No idea if this is something similar to how Spider-Man's Sand Pit Standoff sets were showing up in Walmarts with the Toys R Us exclusive sticker on them before eventually being offered in Toys R Us and then eventually on Hasbro Toy Shop or what other crazy situation could be going on, but I bet it makes you feel good that you didn't pay $76.70 for one of the first ones to sneak out. Remember, it IS just the Bank Heist Playset with new colors and yet another Spider-Man and Hulk repaint.

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