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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

News Clips 9/2/08

Since it has been a slow-news day (perhaps we're all just recovering from Labor Day in the US) here's some news clips:

1) Hasbrotoyshop has been shipping the Hulk Gamma Labs and Hulk Wave 3, but still no word on City in Crisis or Winter Soldier Saga.

2) Next Avengers, Marvel's latest direct-to-DVD movie, is on shelves today. 5th in Marvel's line, it's the 4th to feature Iron Man, 3rd to feature Hulk (although both parts of Hulk Vs are promoed on the dvd) and 3rd to feature, in some way or another, the Avengers roster used in the Ultimate Avengers movies.

3) In all-ages reads, this Wednesday should see the release of the newest Marvel Adventures Spider-Man digest featuring... Spider-Thor?

4) For those that hate Brand New Day (with Rich Johnston doing the numbers crunch on recent Spider-Man sales), don't forget that Spider-Man appears, married and well, in daily newspapers across the country.

5) For those interested in the upcoming Masters of the Universe Classics line, is hosting shots of the new Skeletor sculpt.

6) The TAG Blog has a history of the rise and fall of animation employment which certainly highlights something I've been thinking for a while... they just don't make cartoons the way they used to.



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