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Friday, September 5, 2008

Lego Batman... the cartoon?

Well I wanted to post more up-close pictures of Hulk Wave 3, but because of a shipping mistake on Hasbro's end (and I swear on Captain America's grave, if, after waiting 10 days to make sure Skaar doesn't show up separately, I end up having to pay a premium on eBay because he's sold out online my vengeance will be mighty!) I'm going to wait to take photos (and this time I'll be sure to use better lighting.)

In the meantime, one of the greatest Lego sites of all times, Brickset pointed us to Eurogamer's article on the possibility of a Lego Batman cartoon. While Lego can be finicky with its licensed properties (while Star Wars is still going strong, the last Harry Potter movie received only one set, and it was yet another super-sized Hogwarts Castle) I can never tell if Lego Batman (one of the few micro-heroes we haven't covered here) is doing well or not. In 2006 when it started there were 7 sets, including the super-sized Batcave, Arkham Asylum and "collector's" Batmobile, while 2007 only had 2 sets and 2008 jumped up to 4 sets, all in the small-to-mid-sized range.

If I didn't blow my Lego budget on the new Castle sets, I'd probably pick up the older sets before they reach "OOP VHTF Rare OMG" status on eBay and you have to pay twice the price (or more... the Catwoman set is already listing for multiple-times listing price on eBay). Although the recent retailer's catalog featured pirates, farm sets and the new Power Miners sets, no word on what Lego Batman sets might be coming out in 2009 to capitalize on the video game that should come out later this month.

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