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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Newsclips 9/4/08

While it continues to be a slow news week, here's a few more news clips...

First off, internet thy name is misconception. "There have been talks and good ones with where to go with the character,” explained Cage" does NOT in any way equal "Nicholas Cage who starred as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider in the 2007 Marvel Comic adaptation, confirmed that a "Ghost Rider 2" movie was going to happen". Talks happen every day. Instead of linking to the front page of MTV's Splash Page, let's go to the actual interview which is much more skeptical of Cage's "confirmation" of a movie that has no villain, no plot, apparently no returning stars other than Cage who's having "talks", and a vague sense that the storyline will dig into the more religious aspect of things, as the comic has done recently.

Second, upon finding the most magical Toys R Us of all (there was a matte-grey Iron Man Hall of Armor 4-pack sitting right there on the peg in front of a half dozen silver!) I saw a Gamma Lab in the wild. So, at SDCC we were told it's a Toys R Us exclusive, one person on a trading forum was able to buy one at a Toys R Us (and promptly placed it on eBay for over $50), then it showed up on Hasbro Toy Shop (who promptly shipped them out... mine is waiting at the Post Office apparently), so the question remains whether it's a TRU exclusive also being sold on HTS, or whether the TRU exclusive was changed at the last minute or what.

Third, with the Punisher War Zone poster hanging up in theatres now it seems as good a time as any to talk about Marvel Movies. Newsarama is hosting an interview with Kevin Feige on Marvel's movie madness, rights issues. Be warned... it's a puff piece that refers to Incredible Hulk as a big hit, forgets which movies interviewee is actually involved in (Marvel Studios does NOT equal all Marvel movies... Punisher War Zone being a good example), then closes up by asking Feige if he still has a huge collection of action figures (the answer? He's pared down some of his collection to a core.) While part of me wants to make fun of what passes for journalism in some circles, the other part of me knows if I got around to doing interviews for the Rumorbuster I'd probably throw lots of softballs too.

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