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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Some people just don't get it...

Wow.  There is just so much that this person just doesn't get.

Like, for instance... can someone describe how, exactly, the Super Hero Squad is "scary"?  And isn't suggesting that kids will just "grow up thinking that Earth's Mightiest Heroes is made up of midgets and little people" kind of silly?  A little like suggesting kids should never see the Sunday comic strips because Charlie Brown is a short, fat little kid with a huge head?  They should probably stay away from cartoons involving animals as, by that logic, kids will grow up thinking dogs, pandas and hedgehogs can talk.  And the shocks in store when they find out that plumbers don't grow after running into magic mushrooms.  Suggesting that kids are going to be in for a shock when discovering that "regular" comics (and what, tell me, is "regular"?  Only mainstream comic characters?  Only characters from the Big 2?  Only top-tier characters from the Big 2?) don't look like the Squad is an alright proposition, but honestly, not every representation in "regular" comics will look like a Simon Bianchi cover.  That's like suggesting Bill Sienkiewicz should never have been involved with such classic stories as Demon Bear-era New Mutants or Elektra: Assassin because it wouldn't look like most other interpretations.  Or, on a similar argument, suggesting that only artists with narrow ability to mimic the style guides should have employment.  Goodbye Chris Bachalo, until you learn to conform!  Zeb Wells you are on notice!

Anyway, I'm sorry Mr. McMillan thinks the Squad is Marvel's torpedo, diluting their strength, scary, and weird. 

Oh, and families... if you visit the article, be wary of the comments.  There are some people who just hate cute.

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  • Some people are just violently allergic to anything relating to kid-friendly fun. It happens all the time, like with all of the hate stuff like Brave and the Bold, Next Avengers and Spectacular Spider-Man got before their releases. Personally, the more variety the better.

    By Blogger Mr. Allison Blaire, At October 23, 2008 at 9:36 PM  

  • I am keeping my fingers crossed that before Christmas THIS YEAR the market will be flooded with
    1. the Winter Soldier Saga 4 packs;
    2. the City in Crisis/Spider-Man Saves the Day 4 packs;
    3. Waves 9 and 10;
    4. Collector's Pack II ...
    That would be GREAT!
    And as for Mr. McMillan and the other crazy negative comments, do I give a hoot? I mean, there are always a few of them around, right?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At October 23, 2008 at 10:59 PM  

  • Ha! You three people are complete fags! Enjoy your Stupid Hero Squad Disgraces because I bet most kids who like this garbage will turn against it when they grow up thus guaranteeing it to be the long term flop that it is!

    Maybe you three losers you should watch a Peter North/Rick Donovan movie instead!


    By Anonymous Anonymous, At December 2, 2009 at 8:45 PM  

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