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Monday, October 20, 2008

Before you renew that license...

In what hopefully will NOT be a regular column, I present "Before you renew that license..." Spotlighting companies that ruin good product, hopefully there won't be many posts in this heading.

Marvel Masterpieces, the original Jusko ones, were great. While the art may or may not impress as many buyers in a post Alex Ross world, but at the time they blew the comicy Marvel Universe cards away. When the trading card market cooled considerably after the 90's boom, Marvel Masterpieces disappeared. I missed the 2007 revival, and apparently sketch card speculators have managed to soak up the limited run of boxes so when I saw a few packs of the new set I picked them up.

Never expecting to find an OHOTMU like history of the characters, I was struck by the inconsistencies. It's noted that Scorpion became Venom, but not that Jubilee is Wondra. Well, that's fine. Entries for Cyclops and Jean Grey discussing how they have a son together... ok, a mis-interpretation of events but ok. Sebastian Shaw artwork that looks closer to Donald Pierce? Perhaps an oversight, perhaps bad coloring. A re-colored Scarlet Witch as the Enchantress? Sounds like a great What If story. Punisher artwork being used as the Nick Fury artwork? That's just sloppy.

So while sketch card hunters are going to keep the sets sold out, hopefully Marvel will put in a quality control clause before renewing that license.

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